Tops Tips To Help You Renovate Your Bathroom

Home renovations are often stressful; however, they really don’t need to be. If you make sure you plan thoroughly and take your time, renovations needn’t bring such a sense of dread and foreboding. The following tips are designed to help you when you’re about to undertake a bathroom redesign and will hopefully ensure things run a lot more smoothly than you’re thinking they will.

Start with a list

Every activity would be better and flow more smoothly if it had started with a list. Lists help us to logically plan and often serve as a very useful prompt when we have forgotten something. With bathroom renovations, it is so important that you put a list together before moving forward because forgetting or overlooking something could be disastrous.

Your list should include your absolute ‘must haves’, i.e. the essentials such as a toilet, shower, sink and storage and then your ‘would loves’, i.e. underfloor heating or a wall-mounted TV. You need to make sure everything is on this list to ensure nothing is missing from your budget plan.

Keep in mind, less is often more

Bathrooms should be places of minimalism. A minimalistic approach will help ensure your renovated bathroom looks clean and pristine. A busy, cluttered bathroom will only look untidy and as such unclean. With this in mind think carefully about storage layout and where all your cosmetic items are going to be homed. Try to make the most of the space in your bathroom and use it as cleverly as possible, perhaps as hidden storage for example.

Create an in-depth plan detailing where everything is going to go

Your list will come in handy here since it should tell you about everything large or permanent that you are installing in your bathroom. Once you are sure about where everything like this is going, you need to plan out where all your other ‘goodies’ are going to go. For instance, your hair products, creams, lotions, nail varnish, hairdryer and so on.

You also need to consider bathroom health and safety and plan this out thoroughly. For instance if you have very young or elderly people in the house, then it is probably very worthwhile installing a few bathroom hand rails, for instance, next to the toilet and the bath.

Choosing a colour scheme

When choosing the colours for your bathroom, make sure you understand what effect the colours will have on the overall design of your bathroom. For instance, if your bathroom is not the largest, dark colours will only make it seem smaller, whereas lighter colours will brighten the space up and create the illusion of more space.

If you are worried about your bathroom colours being too boring, don’t be. You can always liven the room up by adding a range of colourful accessories, such as bathmats, handtowels, pictures and even bathroom books. This way, when you get bored you can just buy a few new accessories rather than have to repaint the bathroom and change the bathroom suite.

Take your time selecting your contractors

Before you make your final decision about your builder, plumber and decorators make sure you have got recommendations. Builders often try to enforce their own choice of plumber and decorators on you because they’re often mates working in the same ‘trade’ but don’t let them affect your final decision if you want to go with someone else.

You need to be sure your contractors are going to listen to you, communicate well and work hard. Don’t be afraid of asking any potential contractors for references, as well as examples of their previous work.  If they are not very forthcoming, it’s probably a very good sign you should look elsewhere.

Laura writes for Seagull Ballustrades. When not writing about Seagull banisters, she can often be found polishing hers until they shine.

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