The porch is one part of the house that you can redecorate every season and reuse components from the previous year to present an amazing façade to your heavenly abode. Here are seasonal ideas for your porch.

Spring Decoration

Spring the season for flowers and why not decorate your porch with just that. Get some paper flowers or maybe even real ones and make large bouquets or branches with buds still intact. Then keep them in some sort of vase or self-designed wreath.

Summertime Decoration

Porches are the place to while away at in Summers and why not spread some chairs around, maybe even a bamboo table? You can stay economical and still enjoy the warm summers with colorful cushions and flea market acquisitions.

Autumn Porch Decoration


Autumn is the time to spend your last times out on the porch. It is sort of a mourning time and show it with more white around and whatever flowers you can conjure up. Remember autumn gives you colors of all kinds so make sure your flower collection or furniture shows this off.