Living Room

The first room any visitor sees in your home is the living room. As such, it is the most important of rooms in terms of decoration because not only should it be attractive but also personal. You can’t simply put whatever looks good together and expect a good looking living room unless you have some amount of personal attachment to a few of the objects in the living room.

Here are a few living room decoration strategies to help you redecorate.

Bold & Striking

Either go with a fiery color for the walls such as a red and use white to pop out or use patterns and designs. With the wall, if you choose to go with red as the color then remember to use smatterings of white color either in the fireplace, rail or the coffee table to make these objects stand out.

As for patterns, try florals, ikats, trellis and the likes. Go with patterns in large swaths to help anchor in the spaces.

Airy & Light

A major mistake folks make is trying to pack things into the living room. Always keep it airy and light. Do not pack furniture into your living room. There should be space to move around and to a visitor it must appear just populated enough to give a personality but not so much that it becomes a storehouse.

Shades of White

White on white is an amazing feeling if done right. Done wrong, it can become a hospital room. Best approach therefore with whites is to use all kinds of white shades like pastels, cream, greys and the likes.

Your Own Area

There should be a couch or furniture piece that is your personal favorite and reserved for you no matter what. This is what will give the living room its air of aloofness. It can be a couch or even the coffee table but it must always be something you hold dear to your heart.