Break The Rules – Putting A Twist On 5 Old Decorating Rules When Modernizing Your Home

It is difficult to take on the very challenging task of decorating your own house, especially if you really have no idea about where to start or what to do. In order to avoid any decorating faux pas, you’ll probably stick to traditional rules. Today, however, a lot of decorators are breaking old habits by putting a twist on things to make them more exciting and more apt for modern living. Here are some examples.

Old Rule 1: For small spaces, only use white paint.

Twist: White is definitely the safest option if you have no idea what paint to use. But this isn’t the only choice when painting a small room. You can make color work for you, even bold tones, like rich royal blue or deep chocolate brown. The trick is to use colors that belong to the same shade or use hues that complement each other. Pastels or jewel tones are also wonderful options. If you prefer something that is almost similar to white, there are also different shades of cream and other very light shades to choose from.

Old Rule 2: You have to have a sofa.

Twist: In the past, the sofa dominated living rooms. However, you aren’t actually required to have one if you don’t want to. Instead of a bulky sofa, use comfy armchairs. You can even use different kinds of chairs as long as they share a central theme or style.

Old Rule 3: All furniture and accessories must match.

Twist: Customarily, everything must match. This means that all the furniture in a certain space must be of the same color or must bear the same print. This goes the same for accessories, like pillows, rugs, and seat covers. Today, you can mix and match. Use prints, bold colors, and also different textures and materials to make a room your own.

Old Rule 4: All finishing must be the same.

Twist: When you’re out shopping for finishing materials for your home, you’ll be bombarded with a myriad of choices. For instance, there are so many different kinds of tiles, like plain, textured, and even decorated types, as well as faucets, door knobs, wall papers and other interior and exterior finishing materials. In the past, the general idea is to make sure that the finishing is uniform. So, if you’ve opted for a chrome-plated faucet in your kitchen, for instance, then you should also use this for all the faucets in and around your home. These days, you can use different materials depending on your preferences. But to make sure that each item blends harmoniously with everything else, you can consult or other expert interior decorators.

Old Rule 5: Hang curtain rods just above the topmost portion of the window frame.

Twist: The placement of your curtain rods must depend on what sort of look you want to achieve. For example, if you want to make your window look larger, place the rods near the ceiling as this gives the illusion of height. Another option is to extend the rods beyond the frame to make your windows look wider and grander. The length of your curtains also makes a difference. Curtains that just touch the floor give a more tailored appearance, while those that pool on the floor look more romantic.

Claire Patel, a freelance writer, has been writing about home improvement issues since 2008. She regularly does DIY and interior decoration projects to update the look of her family home.

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