Wish to spice up your bedroom? Maybe you have grown tired of the mundane everyday look of your sleep area. Is the need for some romance evident in your bedroom or are you just plain and simple, lazy enough to keep it clean? No matter your reason to revamp the bedroom, here are awesome 5 tips and tricks that will let you make your bedroom classy.

Pillow Pile

Pile up the pillows. Don’t shy away from pillows and if possible try mixing up patterns as much as possible. When you combine small and large prints, with florals, geometrics and even tiny pillows – it gives an air of roominess and class.

Patterns & Artwork

Graphics in the bedroom as long as hand drawn or custom made always gives it a uniqueness like none other. Go for graphic quilts hung from the walls if you have wide spacious walls with a lot of blank space. Try using complementary bed linens to get the décor together.

You could also try to use printed bedsheets that have botanical designs and then match it with the bedroom décor. Artwork on either the wall or the bed with matching colors or patterns is what you need.


Never leave the walls of your bedroom unattended. Use it to either decorate or for functionality. You can fix nightstands or even adjustable shades plus photo frames on top of the bed. You could even try affixing racks to the wall behind the bed. However, never overdo either of these things.

Comfort Personification

It is your bedroom so make it comfortable and personalize it. Use comforters to your liking, covers and bedding that will put you to sleep immediately. Onlookers should see your bed and instantly feel that it is comfortable and a place to relax. But do not forget to personalize the bed. Use your favorite pillow covers or maybe play with the combination of comforter and pillow covers.

Focal Point

Decide on a focal point in the room and place the most striking piece of furniture in the room at that spot. If it is your bed then so be it, if it is your dressing table then go with that. But, make sure that the object you place is at an angle to the door.