Decorating rooms is easy as long as you have a creative mindset but when you don’t it can be the most daunting of tasks. Welcome to RoomDecoratingGames.org – we want you to understand that redecoration is just a game. Play it each season or each year and try for something different but without spending big bucks. It really is that simple.

On our website we target the various rooms of your home and give you ideas that anyone can implement. You need not be an artist or even an interior designer. Redecoration is no rocket science so why should you be afraid of making a drastic change? Trying new clothes is exhilarating and so is trying new things with your home.


Before moving on to room specific pages, keep these three points in mind.

  • Always try to increase the size of the room with your decoration or reduce it depending on the size you have.
  • Use colors that either complement or contrast each other and use lots of them.
  • Go simple when in doubt. It is always better to be safe rather than overdo redesigning.